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Thursday, January 10, 2008

There are a lot of things that Tina and I have to do to get ready for a new season. Lots of scheduling, website changes, mailing list updates, etc. But, today, may have been the most grueling. We had to "test out" a potential business partner, Ambiance Relaxation Center. By "test out" I mean that we had to endure an hour of the most wonderfully, relaxing therapy ever! Chair massage, water jet massage, the I-Joy chair to name a few in our rotation. Truly grueling!

Seriously, it was great. We welcome Ambiance Relaxation Center joining Divine Consign this season. This Christian owned company provides many services from massage therapy to chiropractic therapy. They are located in Arlington and have the most amazing set up. You've never seen a waiting room like theirs before. It includes the I-Joy chair and water massage bed that I mentioned above plus many other massage chairs and tables. Soothing fountains, lovely aroma therapy. It's all there.

And the best part, is that we get to share them with you!! They will be providing chair massages during the sale for FREE!!!! We've wanted to do something like this for you for a long time, and we've found a great company, that shares our values (they play KLTY just like us!), they are parents (just like us!), and they love helping others (just like us!)

One last neat thing about them. They love treating moms. Every Friday night they have "Girls Night Out". For just $5 each, you and 19 friends can enjoy the same treatment we got today. (Reservation required.) I'm begging you to round up some friends and give them a try. For more info...www.ambiancerelaxation.com. (We receive no compensation from them, just found something great that we want to pass on...kind of like when you tell your friends about Divine Consign!!!)

Blog question: When do you need message therapy the most?


  • At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tina! New reader here, and I'm trying to find info on the Ambience Relaxation Center, but the link isn't right, and I can't locate a website for it on Google. Help! I'd love to try it out!

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger Divine said…

    Sorry, I'd email you directly but don't have your email address. The website listed is correct. They're just making changes and it will be up and running on Tuesday.



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