Divine Consign

Monday, February 11, 2008

Can someone explain to me how Magic Eraser works??? It's amazing! It seems like no matter what I use it on...my kitchen cabinets, tennis shoes, walls...it takes care of the dirt and grime. From what I hear, it works just as well on high chairs, exersaucers, etc.

So that's my big cleaning tip. What's yours?? Share your cleaning tips here so everything at the sale will look it's best!

Monday, January 28, 2008

What a great weekend we had. Saturday, we hosted our first Pricing with the Stars, consignor workshop. We had 83 women attend this information-filled event. Our thanks goes out to our fabulous speaker, Piper Walker, who is one of our top 20 consignors! She did such a fabulous job teaching her fellow consignors all about product presentation, pricing and so much more. We really feel that this group of ladies will all have fantastic sales this season. We know that many of you wanted to come but just couldn't make it. This event was so successful, that we're sure we'll have it again in future seasons.

We have so many consignors who are very successful season after season we thought this would be a great forum for them to share their "secrets" with our newbies. If you're willing, just post a comment to this post with your top tip or a couple of things you think every new consignor should know. Thanks for sharing!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

There are a lot of things that Tina and I have to do to get ready for a new season. Lots of scheduling, website changes, mailing list updates, etc. But, today, may have been the most grueling. We had to "test out" a potential business partner, Ambiance Relaxation Center. By "test out" I mean that we had to endure an hour of the most wonderfully, relaxing therapy ever! Chair massage, water jet massage, the I-Joy chair to name a few in our rotation. Truly grueling!

Seriously, it was great. We welcome Ambiance Relaxation Center joining Divine Consign this season. This Christian owned company provides many services from massage therapy to chiropractic therapy. They are located in Arlington and have the most amazing set up. You've never seen a waiting room like theirs before. It includes the I-Joy chair and water massage bed that I mentioned above plus many other massage chairs and tables. Soothing fountains, lovely aroma therapy. It's all there.

And the best part, is that we get to share them with you!! They will be providing chair massages during the sale for FREE!!!! We've wanted to do something like this for you for a long time, and we've found a great company, that shares our values (they play KLTY just like us!), they are parents (just like us!), and they love helping others (just like us!)

One last neat thing about them. They love treating moms. Every Friday night they have "Girls Night Out". For just $5 each, you and 19 friends can enjoy the same treatment we got today. (Reservation required.) I'm begging you to round up some friends and give them a try. For more info...www.ambiancerelaxation.com. (We receive no compensation from them, just found something great that we want to pass on...kind of like when you tell your friends about Divine Consign!!!)

Blog question: When do you need message therapy the most?

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!! Tina and I want to wish everyone a blessed 2008. I know everyone says it, but I just can't believe that January is already here! Wow!

Each season Tina, David, Tim and I celebrate the end of the season with a really nice dinner out. We try and pick a place that no one has been to before and probably wouldn't go to unless it was a really special occasion. We've been to Papa Bros. Steakhouse, Houston's, Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, but this season's choice tops the list. We are huge fans of Bravo's "Top Chef" tv show. This past season's show included two Dallas chefs, one of them Tre Wilcox from Abacus.

So, Abacus was our "Top Choice" for a celebratory dinner. It was so fabulous. The service was great. The food was outstanding. The risotto...oh my word! But the icing on the cake was when Tre came to our table and asked how our meal was. He introduced himself...as if we didn't know (!)...and then preceded to talk to us about our choices for the night. I tend to be a little starstruck, so it was the perfect ending to a great year for Divine Consign.

We hope your 2007 ended on a happy note as well. May God bless you and your family in 2008.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I can't believe we set up in Plano in 4 days. Stephanie and I are both ready to get there and get moving.

After looking through the inventory, I'm so excited about the items we have coming! First of all, we're going to have some beautiful boutique items...Toff Togs, Sha Sha Kids, Mim-Pi (toddler couture...who knew!). There's also going to be a round crib, rocking horses, TONS of Gap and Gymboree clothing, and THOUSANDS of books.

What's your child going to be for Halloween? There will be over 200 costumes alone! Then there's the baby equipment...over 50 swings and bouncy seats, over 100 strollers, and almost 50 exersaucers.

Wow! We're going to fill up the Plano Centre, that's for sure. Are you bringing something unique...something special you want everyone to know about? Write about it here so we can be looking for it at the sale!

We'll see you all next week!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to school...finally! Did I say that? Don't get me wrong, we had a great summer...church camp, mission trip to Honduras and the great American road trip of the west. But it's time to get some structure back into our lives and school's just the thing to do it. I am already missing my kids today and can't wait to hear about their day.

By looking at the tagging numbers, you can tell us moms have a little more free time. Many consignors have been busy tagging today, and as we thought, the numbers are rising fast. We also have about 20 new consignors signing up every day! Ladies (and gentlemen), I hope you start working on your tags very soon. We're going to hate it if people who are registered don't get to sell, because they waited too long to tag.

There is a delicate balance between too many items and not enough in our 3 locations. A year ago, we accepted too many items in Plano and we were sorry later. We won't let that happen again so when we reach our cut off numbers, we will lock the sale and no one, even if they have been registered for weeks, will be able to enter more items. So PLEASE get to tagging! We want this to be the best sale ever for Divine Consign!

Happy tagging,

Friday, August 17, 2007

Woo Hoo!! I was the 100th customer at Chick-fil-a today!!! I always wondered if they really did that and apparently they do. They rang the cowbell and everything. Very fun!

Which segues nicely into my topic today. We are partnering with local Chick-fil-a's to add more excitement to our sales. The Chick-fil-a cow will be passing out hugs and coupons on our first morning open to the public at all 3 sales. Who doesn't love Chick-fil-a? It's a staple in the Scott diet! Please support the following Chick-fil-a's that have been so great to partner with Divine Consign. If you are in their restaurant, tell them that you love Divine Consign. And be sure and hug the cow when you come to the sale! (But keep the burger away from the cow!)

(Consignors - The following Chick-fil-a's will be promoting our sales at their restaurants. If you are in the area, please run by and thank their managers. They are reaching customers who may shop your items for the first time. (more customers=more sales!)

Grapevine Chick-fil-a
1245 William D. Tate Avenue
Plano Chick-fil-a Inside Collin Creek Mall
Arlington Chick-fil-a 4700 South Cooper Street
Arlington Chick-fil-a 1505 N. Collins Street