Divine Consign

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I can't believe we set up in Plano in 4 days. Stephanie and I are both ready to get there and get moving.

After looking through the inventory, I'm so excited about the items we have coming! First of all, we're going to have some beautiful boutique items...Toff Togs, Sha Sha Kids, Mim-Pi (toddler couture...who knew!). There's also going to be a round crib, rocking horses, TONS of Gap and Gymboree clothing, and THOUSANDS of books.

What's your child going to be for Halloween? There will be over 200 costumes alone! Then there's the baby equipment...over 50 swings and bouncy seats, over 100 strollers, and almost 50 exersaucers.

Wow! We're going to fill up the Plano Centre, that's for sure. Are you bringing something unique...something special you want everyone to know about? Write about it here so we can be looking for it at the sale!

We'll see you all next week!